1ClickBoot! Great for Rebooting Tethered JB.

If you jailbroke your iPod Touch 2G, and are scared to reboot, will now you shouldn’t. Yohurt, a member from iPodTouchFans created a simple tool for the people who need to reboot their tethered 2G’s. It’s called 1ClickBoot 0.5. When downloading this, you’ll even get DFUHelper, which automatically put your iPod in DFU mode. It’s great and it works. Here’s the link to download.



Planned for tomorrow:

-Faster booting
-Suggestions or problems? Pm me with your ideas or logs!


10 Responses to 1ClickBoot! Great for Rebooting Tethered JB.

  1. Curveball says:

    I like this blog, way to go man!

    • Foxtrot Dev Team says:

      Thanks! I try to improve the blog. Please share this site to your friends who are interested in jailbreaking the 2G. =]

  2. Curveball says:

    I don’t have many friends with an iPod touch 2G, but I’m admin on a dutch forum, and will promote your blog. Cause you are very up-to-date, I like that. 🙂

  3. 1569. says:

    wow nice blog, im surprised not too many people know about this it helped me ALOT becuase of the up to date news and the 1clickboot is like a lifesaver. just becuase of 1clickboot i dont even care the 2g jailbreak is tethered, to me, its not tethered becuase of 1clickboot and i have had no bugs after i jailbroke it. but yeah this blog seriously needs to be advertised or something lol

    • Foxtrot Dev Team says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Maybe someday it’ll grow – but honestly, having an indie web site isn’t so bad. 🙂

  4. Matt says:

    I can’t open the boot.bat file. It just closes automatically when I double click on it. How do I open it?

  5. 1569 says:

    the same thing happend to me Matt. What i diid was download 1clickboot from somewhere else, cant remember exactly where but downloading it off another site helped me

  6. oni-kun says:

    Thank you! There are alot of sites out there with little or no info, this one helps. I’m thinking of just buying a nitro key.. but I never leave my computer. D:

  7. dum12345 says:

    I guess it won’t work if you didn’t jailbreak your ipod touch/iphone with cyw00d wouldn’t it ?

  8. dum12345 says:

    sorry i meant redsn0w.

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